What was Facebook’s role in Brexit? In an unmissable talk, journalist Carole Cadwalladr digs into one of the most perplexing events in recent times: the UK’s super-close 2016 vote to leave the European Union. Tracking the result to a barrage of misleading Facebook ads targeted at vulnerable Brexit swing voters — and linking the same players and tactics to the 2016 US presidential election — Cadwalladr calls out the “gods of Silicon Valley” for being on the wrong side of history and asks: Are free and fair elections a thing of the past?

Carole Cadwalladr’s TED Talk about Facebook’s role in Brexit


We need to think as a Society how to adapt and adjust our rules and regulations and how to enforce them against globally activie organizations. Democracy, fundamental laws need to be protected against new developments. It is like with the envention of the printing press. Id did not take too long until someone found out thet it can be used to mislead and manipulate people easilty with misinformation printed and spread widely. This was why the imprint was invented, so one could track the misinformation back to the publisher and hold him reliable for it. 

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